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delivered! allows users to create personalized postcards using advanced AI technology. Users can customize their postcards and have them delivered to the recipient's doorstep via a global mailing network. (Written by GPT3)

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Experience the power of AI with personalized postcards

Easily create unique postcards with our AI technology

Step 1

Input text to generate images

The first step to generate an image with our AI technology is to input your desired text. This can be a message, a quote, or any other piece of text that you would like to include on the postcard. Once you have entered your text, our AI will use it as a starting point to create a unique and personalized image.

Step 2

Add message + address

After you have input your text and customized your image, the next step is to add your personal message and the recipient's address. This will allow our AI to create a postcard that is tailored specifically for your intended recipient. Simply type out your message in the designated field and enter the recipient's mailing address. Our AI will use this information to generate a postcard that includes your personalized image and message, as well as the recipient's address. This ensures that your postcard will be delivered straight to their doorstep.

Step 3

We ship your postcard

After you have input your text, customized your image, and added your message and address, the final step is for us to ship your postcard. Our global mailing network ensures that your postcard will be delivered to its intended recipient in a timely and efficient manner. Simply confirm your shipping details and payment information, and we will take care of the rest. Your postcard will be carefully packaged and shipped to the recipient's address, allowing you to send personalized messages to anyone, anywhere in the world

Coming Soon

Upload your photos to generate variations with Stable Diffusion

Our upcoming feature will allow you to generate even more personalized and unique postcards. You will be able to upload your own photos and use them as a starting point for the postcard generation process. Our AI will then create variations of your photo, incorporating your input text and customizations to create a truly one-of-a-kind postcard. Whether you want to send a picture of a special moment, a landscape, or a loved one, our feature will make it easy to create a postcard that is truly personalized and meaningful.

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I recently tried out the "Posted by AI" product and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the postcards I received. The vibrant colors and stunning designs truly made each postcard a work of art. Not only did they make for beautiful decorations in my home, but they also brought joy to the friends and family members I sent them to. The online ordering process was quick and easy, and the postcards arrived in a timely manner. Overall, I highly recommend the "Posted by AI" product for anyone looking to send a thoughtful and heartfelt message to their loved ones.

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AI will answer your questions now

What is is the most convenient way to send personalized postcards to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our advanced AI technology allows you to create unique, one-of-a-kind postcards with just a few clicks. Simply upload a photo, customize your message, and choose a recipient - our AI will do the rest, creating a beautiful postcard tailored just for you. Plus, with our global mailing network, your postcard will be delivered straight to your recipient's doorstep. Don't settle for generic, mass-produced postcards - try our "AI Postcards" service for a truly personalized touch.

Why did you work on this project?

One reason someone might work on a service that sends AI generated postcards anywhere in the world is the potential to bring joy and happiness to people through personalized, one-of-a-kind postcards. In today's digital age, it can be easy to get lost in screens and forget the simple pleasure of receiving a physical letter or card. By creating a service that allows people to easily send personalized postcards to their loved ones, you can help make a real difference in people's lives and bring a touch of personalization to the world of snail mail. Additionally, working on such a service can provide a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment as you help create unique, beautiful postcards that will be cherished by their recipients.

(Because it's fun!)

Is all the content on this website written by AI/GPT3?

Like 95%, but it was designed, coded and thought up by humans.

What are delivery times like?

Usually under 2 days in the UK, 6 days in US, under 10 in Canada, and 2-3 weeks outside. We use a first class delivery service so it should be faster. This message was written by a human.

Why are you charging a fee?

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